10 Billion Tree Tsunami: Celebrities Flock To Support Imran’s Campaign


On September 1st, Prime Minister Imran Khan officially launched “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami” campaign by planting a tree sapling in Haripur on Sunday.

Approximately 1.5 million trees expected to be planted across the country under the daylong campaign.

Tree saplings are being planted under the 10-billion tree tsunami plan.

Here’s what Pakistan’s celebrities have to say about this brilliant initiative by Prime Minister Imran Khan:

Ali Zafar made a video for his social media followers, encouraging people to participate in this campaign. He’s also acting as the celebrity ambassador for the campaign.

Actor Bilal Ashraf also released a video on PTI’s official channel, explaining the importance of keeping Pakistan green.

VJ and actress Anoushey Ashraf urged more and more people to plant trees in this campaign. She also spoke about the negative effects of climate change and how they can be reversed through planting trees.

Pakistan’s carbon footprint has increased by 123% over the years and this is why we are one of the countries that suffer terribly from the effects of climate change and global warming,

Anoushey said.

But we still have a chance. All of these negative things can be reversed.

It’s great to see so many celebrities supporting this campaign and encouraging their fans to participate.

Are you taking part in the #Plant4Pakistan campaign? Comment below and let us know!

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