10 Things To Let Go Of Before The Year Ends!


Guess what? Letting go is HARD! Whether it’s a person, a memory, a job or even a thing. When you let go, you’re leaving behind a part of your life which might have had your entire world revolving around it. But its okay.
Its okay to let go of anything that doesn’t help you evolve into a better person than you were yesterday.
Letting go becomes a necessity sometimes, no matter how much you try to resist it!

Here are 10 things that you need to let go before you enter a new year, a new beginning!

Let go of control!

Learn to let go of control. You cannot control everything in your life. Your degree, job and relationships will ALL work out. You will sort out your life when its the right time for you to do so. Let the universe take its course in guiding you towards what’s best for you!

Let go of your fear of failures!

Your failures don’t define you. They are just a part of your life where something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. ‘That’ day, ‘that’ interview or ‘that’ test might have not worked out for you, but its okay. Luck defines a lot of what happens in our lives. A single sheet of exam paper with a ‘F’ written on it doesn’t mean you’ve failed life. there are lots other challenges coming ahead which you will ace, only if you believe in yourself!

Let go of toxic people!

You may realize that some people have a very negative influence on your mind. The way they act, the things they talk about and the things they give importance to in their lives might have an influence on us. When we spend time with someone, we start to adapt to their thoughts and ideas. They start instilling their fears on our minds and that could either make us or break us.

Let go of Self-Pity! 

We all have a time where we constantly question ourselves and our circumstances. We start to believe that every wrong in the world happens to us. In order to evolve, we need to accept, adapt and change whatever is holding us back.

Let go of peer pressure!

Your life is unique. You don’t need to spend it according to standards set by other people. Only you can take responsibility of your circumstances so learn to live your life according to what suits you, rather than giving into pressures set up by your surroundings.

Let go of Unhealthy eating habits!

Your lifestyle has a major impact on your life. You need to drink well, eat good and stay healthy in order to have a healthy mental and physical balance.

Let go of regrets!

You might regret a lot of things in life. The decisions you took or did not take. The things you said or maybe did not say. Everything that’s in the past needs to stay there. It shouldn’t have any role in your present and definitely not your future.

Let go of comfort! 

Comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing ever grows there. Every once in while you need to step out, look at your challenges and face them. Only then can you achieve whatever you are striving for.

Let go of perfection!

Trying to achieve perfection is a really good trait. You should always try to become the best person of yourself but hey! Its okay to step back sometimes and relax. Its okay if something messes up sometimes. We’re all just human.

Let go of anything that disturbs your peace of mind!

Last but not least, we’re all unique and our minds work differently. Something that bothers me might not bother you so LET GO of anything that disturbs you and your peace of mind.