21-Year-Old Student From Sialkot and 41-Year-Old American Are Nikkahfied & Its Breaking The Internet!


Hey you! Yeah, you. You know why we are single?

‘Fawad we are single ’cause we ugly bro’.

No! That’s not the only reason my friend. You and me, we are living in 2018. That’s why we are single. You know who is living in 3018? This guy:

‘Lekin ye larka to apni century ka hi lagta hai’. Lakre k sath auntie, oh sorry, mera matlab larki nhi dekh rahe?

This guy just beat all of us. He is a student from Sialkot named Kashif. This guy not only seduced a woman older than him, but he also did it through the sheer charm of his Instagram account. Tell me that’s not some next century shit.

41-year-old Maria Helena Arham, came all the way from California USA to marry our Shaheen.

Wait, what? USA? Amreeka ji Amreeka.

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The husband and wife got to know each other over the internet and have been in touch for over 10 months now. The couple got Nikkahfied in a hotel in Sialkot and people all over the internet are amazed at this unusual union.


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New bride Maria Helena takes the media’s questions after her wedding to Sialkot resident Kashif Ali.

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Some people are praising the couple for following their love while others are straight up mocking them.

One user on Instagram said,“41 years old green card has arrived in Sialkot and is getting married !!! Wohhhoo😂😹😹😂”.

HAHAHA, I know you laughed too.

Whether it was solely for love or for an American Passport, Kashif made Maria Helena Arham to convert to Islam before her Nikkah.

You know what that means, right? Bhai ne dunya bhi set kr li or akhirat bhi.

Tum logon ne kya kiya? Perhaps it’s time to get your Instagram accounts active.