5 People Who Became Millionaire Just By Playing Games Online!


The section is dedicated to all those Amiyan (moms) who used to say “Na laaik agar iss Screen kay samnay bethay rahay to zindagi me much nahi karsako gai … !”

Well its true Waqt kay sath zamana bhi level up hogaya hai!

Gaming has changed this past decade and is becoming more of a full-time job for much many around the world! Games like Fortnite, CS Go, Rainbow Siege and many more are blowing in popularity and people are making tons by just playing these games. YouTube and twitch have been and are growing as big staples in the Gaming community, allowing people to share their game play, provide walkthroughs, and put together some pretty awesome content for their viewers.

The cool thing about it is that if you can create good content and gather up a big enough fan base, then you basically have it made in terms of a job. Sure, editing and uploading take loads of work, but the money that some of these people are earning is something that most of us could only ever dream of.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Gaming Icons :

5- Richard Tyler Blevins A.K.A Ninja

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A 26 years old megastar has over eight million subscribers and almost five million video views. This coupled with his constant streaming on Twitch is bringing in 500,000 dollars a month, money that he is actually very generous with. He donates more than half of his monthly money to cover up surgeries for sheltered animals as well as raised over $110,00 dollars for American foundation for Suicide prevention. Along with many fundraising projects, Ninja has proved to be one of the bests who truly deserves every single penny he earns.

4- Ali-A

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You all must recognize him from his ground shaking intro but Ali-A , has proved to be a good inspiration at a young age of 24 due to his ultimate success. He has over twelve million subscribers and just over three billion video views, giving him a current net worth of seven million dollars. ( He refers to his viewers as the Ali-A Army, which is actually kind of cute if you ask us). Alastair has able to get this amount of success through doing something that he has always loved to do, something that most of us aspire to do and trust us, his hardworking really shadows his cringe ! *wink*

3- Lachlan

Image result for lachlanWith over four million subscribers to his YouTube channel, YouTuber Lachlan seems to be a making a pretty big impression in the YouTube world. His current video views stand at just over one million and we can estimate him to be making about 1.5 million dollars a year. He doesn’t actually need to do anything other sit at home and play games in his spare time, and of course edit and upload his content, but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

2- Faze Rug

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At only 21 years old, is arguably one of the youngest YouTubers that we have on this list. let’s be honest, bringing home 1.3 million dollars a year at only 21 years old is pretty impressive. When Faze Rug first started out in his YouTube career he was a full-time college student, but when things picked up with his videos he decided to leave his college days behind and make YouTube his full-time job. A decision, that we can’t really disagree with since he probably makes more money posting videos online than he ever would at a job that he went to college for, so props to him for that!

1- Pewdiepie

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Say the name Pewdiepie and just about everyone around you will know exactly who you are talking about, probably because he is without a doubt the highest earning and most well known YouTube gamer out there today. This 28-year-old Swedish YouTube star is raking in a total of 940 thousand dollars every single month. That is more than some of us will ever see in our entire lives, in just one month. It is truly amazing how successful this man has been with his YouTube career and whether you love him, or you hate him, his views continue to skyrocket every single day.

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