5 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone XR instead of iPhone Xs

5 reasons to buy iphone xr

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone XR instead of iPhone XS

  • Apple announced three new iPhone models a few days back

  • iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max all share the same core hardware

  • Camera, Screen sizes and Pricing are the major differentiators this time around.

Just like every year since 2007, Apple announced its latest batch of iPhones a few days ago. The 3 new iPhone models which were announced are named the iPhone Xs, iPhone XR and iPhone Xs Max. All three phones are targeted towards different audiences but with iPhone Xs Max being ridiculously expensive, most people will undoubtedly look towards the other two models to make a purchase.

Keeping that in mind, here is why we think you should buy the iPhone XR instead of the more expensive iPhone Xs.

Save $250!

Price is undoubtedly the single most biggest factor in shaping the decision of a consumer. Consumers want more phone for less money. In that case the iPhone XR provides more bang for your buck than the iPhone Xs, $749 versus $999. Being almost $250 cheaper, it is a very good proposition by iPhone standards. This is more apparent if you pay close attention to what you are missing by going with the iPhone XR which is, surprisingly, not very much.



Seeing the price difference you would think that the iPhone XR is less powerful than the iPhone Xs. Wrong! Both phones share exactly the same chip, the A12 Bionic. Meaning that your new iPhone XR, assuming you choose to pick it up, will perform on par with the iPhone Xs. Same performance for $250 less, nice!

Bigger Screen

5 reasons to buy iphone xr

If you watch plenty of videos on your phone, you definitely want a bigger screen. The iPhone XR has you covered. At 6.1 inches its screen is bigger than the iPhone Xs which comes in at 5.8 inches. The difference here is not only in screen size but also technology. The iPhone Xs has an OLED panel while the iPhone XR has an LCD panel. Both look equally good when it comes to content consumption.

Identical Cameras For The Most Part

5 reasons to buy iphone xr

iPhone XR has a dual camera module with one main wide angle shooter coming in at 12MP and a telephoto lens. Aside from the telephoto lens,s everything else is same across the two phones when it comes to camera performance. Same excellent quality, same front firing 7MP shooter, same feature set. So we think the difference isn’t too big when it comes to the cameras. Especially considering the price.

Best Battery Life

5 reasons to buy iphone xr

iPhone XR’s screen isn’t as pixel-dense as the iPhone Xs. Because the processor is pushing fewer pixels so it consumes less power. Meaning improved battery life as compared to the iPhone Xs.

Colour Options

5 reasons to buy iphone xr

Who doesn’t like more choice when it comes to smartphone colours? Everyone loves to pick their phone from a wide range of available colours to best suit their style. Well the iPhone XR is coming in a whole host of colour options for you to choose from. From Yellow to Red there is something for everyone here.

So these are our reasons of why you should save yourself some money and get the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone Xs. Remember to make an informed decision and congratulations on your new iPhone!

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