5 Things That Were Insanely Weird About Mahira Khan’s Latest PhotoShoot


Watching bizarre photoshoots of international celebrities may be considered as “Fashion” but what of those national celebrities who try out for weird photo-shoots, who are they even kidding?

Looking at Mahira Khan’s odd photoshoot, our eyes ran across her faster than the character Flash and we certainly couldn’t stop questioning what she was exactly doing.

Here are the 5 things that were insanely weird about Mahira Khan’s latest photoshoot.

1.Feminist AF Black T-Shirt:

We get it the lady that you have been under severe criticism for being caught smoking and want your rights (whether it was with Ranbir Kapoor or a video of you going viral while taking a smoke or two before a ceremony) but you don’t need to declare your women rights on every platform.

2. Hole Jeans:

Jeans come in all sizes and looks. You get skinny jeans, slim-cut jeans, boot-cut jeans, straight-cut jeans and the list goes on, but what we see in this photoshoot is what apparently what looks like to be once a knee shredded jean that has turned into a “KNEE HOLE JEAN” , to the extent that both of her kneecaps are awkwardly popping out like birthday surprise.

Here’s to what people had to say over this aspect:

anila962: I can’t stand ‘phatti hui jeans‘

3. Squatty-Potty Pose:

We may certainly overlook her other attributes of her photoshoot but can’t really take a left turn on how she is awkwardly squatting for the camera without a “parda” between her legs.

Is she squatting to show off her physical strength or just wants to do a potty pose for the camera?

Image result for potty pose meaning

Some people thought she definitely needed to go to the bathroom.

hussnain_raza : Poti ae h ..pose lol

huma_cheema: Poti krny lage ey

milli.fadi19 :Give her lota

aminaahsan1635:Lota chiye toba

kishmish9171:Cheap pose

4.Glitterati Heels & Shoes

Sparkle Sparkle! A lady is incomplete with sparkling heels but Mahira’s odd photoshoot included glittering socks worn with glitter heels. This duo has never been too common for us ladies, perhaps this is the new style of telling the world that wear heels with socks when it’s cold from now on?

rabeea.asif : Socks and heels? 🙄

5. Bracelet or Suicide rope:

The last noticeable bizarre thing that came across us in the photoshoot was the ornament of what she was holding in her hand. We can’t quite figure it out if it was a bracelet. Hey, since the odd t-shirt, witch alike heels and knee hole jeans, it’s fair to say that that may be a suicide rope/whip and Mahira(Feminist AF) may be all planned to strike “men” with her whip and take back them all to hell.

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