5 Travel Destinations In Pakistan That You Should Not Miss This Winter Season!


We all are passionate about traveling up north during the summer season to escape from the scorching heat and hectic lives.

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However, the winter season is as much charismatic as summers for visiting places. So if you get a chance to liberate yourself from the routine for some days, here are five destinations where you can flee to.

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1. Hunza Valley

If you are a “snow freak” Hunza can be your place.

We all know about its sheer beauty in the summer season, but the dazzling snow caped valley during winters is a treat for the eyes. Referred to as heaven on Earth, Hunza is situated at an approximate distance of 100 kilometers from Gilgit. The frozen Atta-Abad lake, Altit, and the beautifully structured Baltit Fort is, not to be missed. Culture and beauty together, it’s nothing short of heaven. Traditional cuisine from the valley including Sharbat, Diram-fete, and Muleda can actually make your trip more memorable.



2. Quetta

Quetta seems to be a chunk of heaven in winters.

And while you are there you always have a chance to peek into Ziarat. Ziarat is an extraordinarily attractive holiday resort in Baluchistan and its picturesque beauty casts a special charm on its visitors, especially during the winter season. With a finely fabricated wooden residency, it is enclosed by hills and receives some of the best snowfalls in the country.


3. Malam Jabba

Being Pakistan’s only skiing resort with international standards, Malam Jabba remains most sought out travel destinations in winters. With the highest peak of 9200 ft. above sea level, the resort hosts modern skiing facilities and Buddhist monasteries. So if you are in for some sporting adventures while on a vacation, mark this place already.


4. Kerthar Ranges

If you are not willing to endure the biting cold of the north, the winter season can be your time to explore the south.

The Kirthar range stretches from Sindh to Balochistan, serving as a natural border between the two provinces. This mountain range includes the scenic Gorakh Hill (5700), Kutte Ji Qabar (6877) and Bandu Ji Qabar (7112). It is an ideal tourist spot due to several streams, springs and historic locations.


5. Rani Fort

If you are an architectural aficionado visiting the largest fort in the world must be on your list. This fort is easily accessible from Karachi through the National Highway and entails a structural masterpiece of Persian fondness.




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