8 Airport Hacks To Make Travelling Easier


Want to make travelling easier? We know how difficult it can get as you try to stay on track and finish packing on time while simultaneously making sure you’re carrying all important documents and not leaving anything behind. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful nuisance!  Try these airport hacks the next time you’re travelling!

1.Weigh your baggage at home to avoid extra charges

Yes, you can weigh at the airport. That’s the most convenient route if you leave packing to the last minute and rush to the airport the moment you close your bag zip. But usually, you pay a fee for weighing your baggage at the airport. Avoid that by not procrastinating, packing on time and weighing your bag at home.

2.Tie a bright color ribbon on your luggage

Use a bright-colored ribbon or luggage tag so your baggage will be easy to identify at the baggage claim. Most suitcases are black in color so it’s easy to mix them up. If you tie a bright ribbon, your suitcase will stand out. No more grabbing the wrong suitcase and having to put it back on the rack.

3.Always go left when there are two lines at security check

Research shows that people naturally gravitate toward the right lane, so do the opposite and go left. Chances are the left lane will be slightly quieter and less hectic, although this may not always be the case.

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4.Always keep socks and a shawl/sweater at a handy location

Airplanes and airports can be freezing. For some reason, all airplanes have blasting ACs on, even when it’s winter. Staying warm can go a long way to making your flight more comfortable. Rather than asking the airplane staff to get you one of their blankets which may not even be completely clean, just bring a sweater and a pair of socks in your hand carry.

5.Check in online

If you don’t have luggage you need to book, checking in online will save the time you would spend waiting in line. Even if you do have luggage, checking in online allows you to pick the good seats beforehand.

6.Put in flight essentials in one small bag

Put everything you’ll need during the flight into a single small bag so you can grab the bag before you stuff the rest of your stuff overhead bin. These essentials can include books, earbuds, charger, headphones, etc.

7.Pack an empty water bottle

Water bottles at airports are crazy expensive. Instead, pack an empty one and fill it up with water from water dispensers at the airport.

8.Check in right next to the business/first class lines

Those lines are smaller and normally empty up much faster. Airport staff responsible for those lines will sometimes help economy travelers if no one is at their counter. That means you can get through check in faster!


These airport hacks will make your life easier – and maybe even save it at some point!


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