“My Heart Got Broken Once, After That I Turned Into A Heart Breaker” – Sanam Saeed


It is common to assume and believe so easily that media influencers and celebrities don’t have emotions and come off as the flirtatious kind. In the midst of all glamour, we humans forget that media celebrities also were and still are humans and they are capable of loving someone, liking someone just as we are.

Sanam Saeed, Kashaf from the very famous ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, revealed herself of how she is a “heartbreaker” when she was invited to Samina Peerzada’s show “Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada”. Let us not jump to the conclusion again of considering her to be a ditcher. She has her reasons and if you read ahead, you’ll know what she has sacrificed throughout this way.

Sanam Saeed briefed in Samina of her early days of how she had plenty of male friends.

She practically was the “ugly duckling” as per her late mother and wasn’t the popular kid around town.

But definitely is something she remembers was how she was considered as the “tomboy” friend among her male friends.

So she put her good skills of making friends work by being the “wingman” between her male friends and the popular girls in her class.

Sanam was asked by Samina of ever falling for someone to which Sanam replied:

Yes, but, I valued my friendship over these chase and catch games aka running after crushes. Sana told how she had her first crush over a boy who was in the same class as her in 7th grade.

As strong and fierce Sanam charter off those vibe off of her, Sanam got her heart broken at the age of 18-19. She liked the boy despite being best friends with him but “something popped better in front of him” according to Sanam to which the guy never liked her back and went crazy after another while they had to call it quits for their friendship as well.

Sanam vowed never to get her heart broken by the likes of any man and protected her heart from that day forth. Ultimately from the tomboy girl that everyone knew, she became the death reaper of her relations and told how she transformed into a “Heartbreaker”.

Later in life, she did fall in love again but then eventually she broke their hearts and moved ahead.

The last heart broken by her was of her husband.

As much as she hates hurting others, she ends up doing the same. Saman said she left her husband because she couldn’t stay split between her dying mom and a housewife. She thought her husband deserved a better partner.

We loved how honest and sincere Sanam Saeed is. What do you guys think?