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Aamir Liaquat’s Daughter Speaks Up After His Second Marriage & Its Heart Breaking!


We all remember the little jolly girl who use to pop in and help her dad with his Ramazan Transmission from distributing gifts, letting a hold of the microphone for the audience to answer and what not.

In case if you are wondering who were are talking about, it is none other than Dua Aamir daughter of Aamir Liaquat. My my, she has grown up quite the lady.

Children of Amir Liaquat

Dua Aamir recently penned down a note to her father Aamir Liaquat on Twitter. Her grief and sadness reflect crystal clear through her words.

What has Aamir Liaquat (the man famous for his silly acts and pagal pan) been up to this time that has rattled her sweet little daughter’s soul and shattered into a million?

Well, seems like a man can never stick to one wife no matter how much he pours in dedication… Aamir Liaquat surprised the nation by marrying again and this time the catch is quite surprisingly a young bright fine lady who goes by the name of Tuba Aamir.

Well, he sure looks happy as ever?

People are questioning his loyalty towards Bushra Aamir (First wife) and since Aamir Liaquat (Islamic Scholar) has the green flag of marrying 4 wives under Islam Jurisdiction and a reason to marry again, one might’ve thought this marriage was happily agreed by his first wife Bushra too.

Oh boy, we are so wrong. This can be confirmed by that Twitter post where Aamir Liaquat’s Daughter spoke of her father’s second marriage on Twitter:

Waittt… Homewrecker? Means this was never acceptable by Bushra and Aamir chose to run off with Tuba. WE KNEW IT!!!

This is truly heartbreaking to know a father lays with pride with his second bride while his devastated daughter pens her feeling down in utter sadness.

Here is how people came to support this girls grief:

You aren’t alone Dua…May you rise up stronger and wiser from all of this destruction that’s caused your family nothing but pain.