Abhishek Explains Why Superstars Became Waiters At Ambani’s Wedding But People Are Not Buying It


Ambani’s wedding is the latest hot topic of not just the Indians but of the whole world. All the big-wigs from all around the world were spotted at the billionaire’s wedding.

From Hilary Clinton and John Kerry to the top Indian stars, cricketers, and politicians, everyone felt honoured to entertain the Ambanis in their own way.

But looks like dancing and singing like jokers weren’t enough to make ‘The Masters’ happy.

A perfect example of “baygani shadi mein abdullah deewana…”

Then the superstars decided to turn into waiters.

 The most senior Amitabh Bachchan turned into a waiter as well.


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 And the most admired one, Amir Khan too.

Well said! What a catering staff.

The pictures went viral and stirred social media up. People have been criticizing the stars for stooping so low.

Amid all the criticism, Abhishek Bachchan took the responsibility of explaining why they turned into waiters for Ambanis.

This is what he said.

So basically Sajjan goth is a Hindu wedding ritual where the groom side is seated in an arrangement and the bride’s side make sure that they eat well. The bride’s family is to make sure that they are served everything on the menu.

But yahan kon kis ki family hai? Social media didn’t seem to buy Abhishek’s explanation.

Exactly our question!

Ambanis ki family ban saktay hain toh kisi aur ki kyun nahin? Hamari bhi ban jao?

Sab se bara rupaiya!

Main bhi Shahrukh Khan ko rishtedaar banana chahti hoon. How much it would cost? Lol

Paisa phenk tamasha dekh!

Do you guys agree with Abhishek’s explanation?