Acibadem Hospitals Turkey Offer Treatment To Pakistani Patients Having Chronic Diseases


After India has closed the doors of medical tourism on Pakistani patients; Turkey has decided to facilitate Pakistanis to get treatment in its hospitals.

Because of the initiative a large number of patients, who wanted to go to India for a number of treatments including organs transplant, have now got an option to opt Turkey for the surgeries and transplants.

While briefing media about the latest techniques and facilities available in Turkey, the Acibadem group of hospitals held various sessions about the liver transplant, Pediatric surgeries and other chronic diseases that usually cannot be treated in Pakistan. Acıbadem healthcare is a leading group of healthcare facilities founded in 2007 and located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Professor of Oncology Dr. Ozlem Er, who is associated with Acibadem hospital, Turkey told media that early detection of disease is the key to the success of treatment.

“I suggest that every person should have medical checkup and blood tests at least once in a year and in case of diagnosis of disease treatment should be started at the earliest. Patients should contact us and we will guide them that how they can be treated,” she said.

A large chunk of Pakistani patients go to India for organ transplants but have been suffering due to an unannounced ban on medical tourism by India. A liver transplant is a complicated surgery and needs special care to avoid infections.

Prof Dr. Hamdi Karakayali, a transplantation surgeon belongs to Acibadem hospital, said that 845 liver transplants have been conducted with a success rate of 90 percent. He said,

“In 80 percent transplants, a living donor had donated a part of liver to a patient. However, in 20 percent cases, we got the liver from dead bodies as deceased persons had already mentioned in their wills that they would donate body organs after death.”

While replying to a question, Dr. Karakayali said that though it was a requirement for the patients to bring donors along with them but in Turkey, cross transplantation was also allowed.

“So if the patient cannot get the donor due to difference in blood groups, we can arrange cross transplantation of those patients,” he said.

Organ transplant surgeon Dr. Remzi Emiroglu said that Turkey has been getting patients from different countries.

“We have interpreters in 24 languages, including Urdu, so patients and their attendants would not face any language barrier,” he said.

He further stated that ethical liabilities being followed at every Acibadem hospital especially when it comes to organ transplantation. Hospitals make pools to maintain the data for cross transplantation.

Acibadem healthcare has as many as 21 Hospitals with 23,000 employees and has three jet air ambulances to bring patients, in case of emergency, from different countries. In the year 2018 as many as 5 million patients visited hospitals and 139,000 surgeries were performed.


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