After All The Wrangling, Ali Zafar Is Set To Release His Own PSL Anthem!


PSL has never been this controversial as much as it is this year.Ever since  the official anthem of season 5 dropped by,people are skinning it alive.To add to the misery,the opening ceremony itself failed to impress the audience and raised several eyebrows at PCB’s management.

Later that evening of the opening ceremony,singer Ali Azmat claimed that some rival singer has paid the bloggers to trash talk about the new anthem.He stated that this particular singer has sung the previous PSL anthems and so, we all took a hint that he was referring to none other than Ali Zafar. See for yourself.

In response for this accusation,Zafar tried to diffuse the tension in a sarcastic video and took a jibe at the accuser as well.

However he didn’t stop there,during a conversation with ARY NEWS programme ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’ host Wasseem Badami, Ali Zafar said that he would make an announcement on singing a PSL song at 2:00 pm on Sunday. 

The Seeti Bajay Ge singer then took to Twitter and Instagram and shared a video wherein he says “Bhaee aa raha hai, Tayyar Ho (Brother is coming. Are you ready)?”

And fans are obviously delighted.

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People didn’t forget to drag Ali Azmat and Asim Azhar in their jubilation.


The songs of the first three PSL seasons were sung by Ali Zafar before the torch was passed on to Fawad last year. Of all the PSL songs made so far, Ali Zafar’s 2017 tune “Ab Khel Jamay Ga” remains by far the biggest hit. It has, in fact, become the unofficial tune of cricket in Pakistan and gives an unmatched feel when played in stadiums.

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