After Food, Punjabi’s Are Finding Donkeys On Their Gas Bills And We Are Like “Yeh Kia Scene Hai?!”


“Yeh waqai kia scene hai bro”!

It was already hard to digest donkey meat being distributed in the name of “Taaza mutton” by different meat shops and butchers as they were profoundly claiming this to be the top-selling meat in their collecting and were playing the “Stomachs” of many Punjabi’s.

When news broke, you could see hell falling upon Punjabi’s knowing they have been devouring Donkeys as a food supplement.

Feeling Sick GIF - FeelingSick GIFs

After the Food debacle, Punjabi’s have yet again come across another bizarre scenario by finding donkeys on their Gas Bills.


Apparently, Donkeys are showing up on everyone’s Gas Bills and we are certainly questioning if the new movie “DONKEY KING” has to do anything with this? Perhaps a tactic of people coming to watch the movie?

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We question the authorities of how are we supposed to face the embarrassment of paying our bills while holding out a donkey’s butt in thin air?

People took this to Twitter as well.

Some people couldn’t keep politics out of it!

Let’s see how SNGPL responds to this hilarious blunder.

We will have to wait for that.


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