After Sialkoti Guy This Lahori Also Got Himself A Gori Dulhan & Yeh Hou Kya Raha Hai?


Wedding after Wedding… This is how life evolves, how life circulates and how humans tend to separate a fine line of happiness before diving back into their busy bee lives.

What is shocking is how Pakistani men have recently been stepping out of their comfort zone aka Pakistani women (perhaps they are too much for them) and are scoring GORIYAN as their brides.

Whenever a scene like this happened, we thought to ourselves.. Koi Laila ee hogee jo apne majnoo say milnay agaye hai. But with so many changes in recent times, it is even hard to put that statement into our minds and we are left with “Abey yeh ho kya raha hai”.

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First, it was the Sialkoti who scored an American girl as his bride and made us scratch our heads and now a shocking revelation came right before us of another cross culture wedding.

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In case you’re wondering who is this time, it’s a Lahori Party aka Mohsin who is just 23 years of age who successfully landed Maria Angelina an American citizen who is of 19 years of age as his bride.

While we are trying to figure out which is podina and which is dhania in our lives, guessing maths formulas and scoring mums belan for apparently no reason… Mohsin nay toh kamaal kardiya hai yaaro, is umar main mili bhe toh Amreeki larki, WAH WAH!

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Hamain toh Facebook peh koi reply nai karta aur karta bhe toh seen kar kay block kardeta, Mohsin found his bride through social media and it’s obvious either its Instagram or its Facebook.

Is the girl here to stay? LOL… The answer is obviously NO. She is going back after hosting her wedding in Lahore and has the plan to sweep away 23-year-old Mohsin to the United States too.

Seems like a happily ever after GREEN CARD Tale to us folks… What’s your say in this marriage? Allah Jori Salamaat Rakhey aur Mohsin kay Green Card ko bhe!