Ahad Raza Mir & Sajal Ali Posed For A Photoshoot & “Too Much Hou Gya”


Celebrities have taken an oath to commit blunders that would help sizzle up the fire under the paparazzi for them to keep earning and making sure that in return they provide all the attention our celebrities require.

There are 3 ways which all of this leads to after the celebrity is grilled for his blunder:

  1. Go in hibernation (Away from the media and everyone around them).
  2. Come back with a positive approach.
  3. Smack back again with another blunder (because c’mon one wasn’t enough).

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Among the disastrous tragedies that Pakistanis had to face, Ko Ko Korina of Coke Studio (sung by Ahad and Momina) is recently the saddest tragedy that has occurred in the history of Pakistan. Ahad Raza has been grilled and roasted (Pakistani’s haven’t left an inch of that man I swear) on his singing debut of Ko Ko Korina. While half celebrities questioning the songs retake, many supported to which we see Sajal Aly on top(his co-star/assumed bae) who came to rescue by asking the nation to stop making fun.

Sajal Aly on Twitter and Instagram defended Ahad and asked everyone to let this go (How can we?).

Where all this humiliation would’ve made anyone gone to hibernation (one from the 3 ways mentioned above) Ahad didn’t stay low at all and came back with another DABANG photoshoot with none other than Sajal Aly (Maanaa keh bhai saath diya hai us nay per… ab aisay photoshoot bhe horahy hain???)

With all the mocking, support and the over talk of Ko Ko Korina, this might be a vacation for Ahad Raza and Sajal Aly by grooming/styling up as Bride and Groom and  posing by a “Laid Down” photoshoot. Yikes!

Magic of True Love? Wasn’t the defending part enough on Twitter & Instagram?

Must they show off their emotions on social media and that too while laying down? Taango main dard shuru hugaya tha jab Ko Ko Korina gaa rahey thay yaa is peh apni raye ka izhaar karhey thay? Aur Sajal Aly camera shy kab say hugayen? Ahad to aisay daikh rhay jaisey shaadi ki raat waqye agaye ho in peh.

People are as much as confused and startled of what is happening and wrong with both of them. Here are some of the replies:

Taubah Taubah karo jee


Cheap 2 rupay cheap 2 rupay…


YES!!! Bold is gold these days!


Kaalay Kolay ko aag ee day rahen hain aik doosray


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