Aiman Khan Is Being Trolled For Trying To Copy Deepika’s Wedding Look


Do you think Pakistani celebrities are obsessed with Bollywood? Just like Bollywood is obsessed with Hollywood?

I think that’s true and most of you will agree.

This wedding season is special because our favourite celebrities tied the knot. Deepkia-Ranveer, Priyanka-Nick and our own Aiman-Muneeb. Looks like getting committed is in fashion these days.

However, our lovebirds Aiman and Muneeb received love as well as criticism at the same time. Criticized for their never-ending wedding festivities and spamming the social media with the wedding updates.

They just had their barat and the couple looked gorgeous. Like all other functions, our social media feeds were spammed with their barat’s pictures and short videos. However, fans were quick to take notice of how Aiman’s barat look was just like Deepika’s.








This is how people are comparing both of them.

Kuch Pakistani bhi laao bhai

Poor Aiman!

Haha Kya naam diya hai hairstyle ko


Yeh Madam duniya se he awazaar hain.

Sab hairstylist ka kasoor hai. Bas