Ali Gul Pir’s Recent Diss Track “Chhano Ki Maut” Ruthlessly Claps back at Ali Zafar!!


We all know how Meesha Shafi’s allegations against Ali Zafar over sexually harassing her shattered the whole fraternity and beyond. Many celebrities came forward to extend their support for Meesha; so much so that several declined their nominations from prestigious award shows where Ali was also a nominee.

Amidst all the drama Ali Gul Pir, who is famous for taking a jibe at social and political ironies in his songs and photos, lashed out at Ali Zafar for his statement in the court.

Zafar stated that he will forgive Meesha Shafi when his wife Ayesha Fazli does. To this Pir responded:

“Only in Pakistan; An alleged harasser is so high up on his horse that instead of being defensive, he is talking about forgiving the victim if his wife gives permission,”

For obvious reasons this bugged Zafar immensely, compelling him to file a complaint in FIA against Pir. Ali Gul Pir was summoned by FIA and then he released a statement to clarify his stance.

Now Pir has released a song “Kar le jo Karna hai” and it hints some serious scorn against Ali Zafar. Listen for yourself:

“Meine sunna hai jab log tujhe award shows mei bulatay hain tu kehta hai mujhe award milna chaiyeh warna mei nai aonga!”

“Ab bakwas ki toh duga mei joota”

“I’m joking, I love you a lot, I’m calling this song ‘Channo ki Maut’”

“Chup nahi bethu ga, sab kuch mei kehduga, sab ki mei leluga, KARLE JO KARNA HAI” 

People are apparently loving the song.

Speaking about the song, Pir has said “Freedom of expression and thought is a basic human right recognized by the United Nations. We all stand against the oppression of the people of Kashmir based on that. Therefore, we should not let our state or the powerful few, censor us. Like thoughts and beliefs, art should remain free of control. Yet, the few rich and powerful, think they can silence the resilient majority. To them, we say karle jo karna hai.

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Despite all the direct scoffing lyrics, the song promotes courage to stand for a stance one truly believes in (if wived in the larger context). Its also about not letting the rich and powerful silence those who dare to challenge the status quo.The music video itself is entertaining to watch with unique dance performances


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