Ali Zafar Broke Down In Tears In A TV Show & People Have Mixed Feelings


Who is not aware of the Ali Zafar – Meesha Shafi fiasco? I guess we all are.

In April 2018, Meesha Shafi claimed she was sexually harassed by Ali Zafar on multiple occasions. Ali denied the allegations and filed a defamation suit against Meesha. However, this divided the people into two groups who started defending either of the two.

Not just that, it initiated a #metoo campaign in Pakistan where various women, following Meesha Shafi, started opening up about the people who sexually harassed them.

In this war or words, Ali Zafar called Meesha Shafi for trying to become ‘Malala’. This also attracted huge criticism.

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He also accused her for trying to get asylum in Canada through this drama.

He went one step ahead and last night Ali Zafar appeared in a TV program named ‘ Naya Pakistan’ on Geo News and talked about the same issue.

While talking about it, he actually broke down in tears.

Lag raha hai jesay harass Meesha ne Ali ko kiya ho :/

The video went viral in no time and people are having mixed reactions about it.

Some are sympathizing with Ali Zafar after seeing him cry.

Others are calling him an over actor.

While many are criticizing him for this stunt.

What do you think about Ali crying on a TV show?