Ali Zafar Crying On A TV Show Has Become A Viral Meme & We Don’t Know How To React


Ali Zafar cried and managed to turn into a headline all over the news channels. People had different opinions about it. Some sided with Meesha Shafi and called him a ‘drama queen’ while others sympathized with him.

Basically, Pakistanis have been divided into two groups over this case. Meesha’s group VS Ali’s group fighting the war of words over social media having their own arguments.

But who knew Ali Zafar crying on TV will turn into a viral meme?

Yaaaaar! *trying not to burst into laughter*

Devdas ban gaye hain Ali Zafar?

And this guy edited the whole video.

Kitnay welay hain hum loag!


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Hahaha we all did that I’m sure.

Yaar jaan chor do becharay ki!

Imran khan or Meesha Shafi? 😀