Here’s Why Sanam Baloch Is Being Termed As A ‘Phupho’ After Her Morning Show With Amir Liaquat & Tuba


Amir Liaquat’s second marriage with Tuba Anwer has been controversial since the day their Wedding pictures flooded our newsfeeds and left us all in shock!

As our media started to create a big hype out of this marriage, some supported it while some were clearly against it

Side by side, we saw heart-breaking tweets by Amir Liaquat’s daughter, Dua which made us grieve with her family.

Recently, on 10th December 2018, we saw Amir Liaquat with wife Tuba on Sanam Baloch’s morning show, ‘Subh Saveray Samaa ke saath’ and the content of the show was mind-boggling.

Here’s how they entered:

We at least expected Sanam to be a little more compassionate while discussing this issue but she played the perfect role of a ‘phupho’ who adds a little more spark to the fire every time!

Discussing the marriage, Sanam had the audacity to blame Amir Liaquat’s first wife, Bushra for not accepting their marriage despite having learnt Islam. And Islam allows 4 marriages right?

And to repeatedly joke about his marriage and his on-going relationship with pictures blaring on the screen was very insensitive.

The entire show had Amir Liaquat acting like a madman, still trying to flirt with Sanam Baloch. Matlab abhi bhi?

And not only that, we saw Amir ‘Bhai’ sing love songs, get down on his knees to propose Tuba again and much much more. So he only follows the ‘4 wives’ rule religiously?

If Sanam wanted to do a show to increase her TRP, way to go! But she definitely lost respect in the eyes of many.

The entire show looked as if it was being done to mock all the haters who were against this.

Here’s how everyone reacted to the show:

Sanam Baloch is an equal disgrace! Amir Liaquat and his second wife are exposed and wherever they go, they expose like minds. @SAMAATV Her shows are jokes!— فروا. (@FarwaManekia) December 11, 2018

Im so disappointed in Sanam Baloch for talking about Aamir Liaquat’s first him and his wife on the show..thats fine but she could’ve avoided defaming his first wife when she knows NOTHING about the situation..These morning shows are hitting new lows everyday 🤧— Mahirah 🇵🇰 (@liveluvlaugh_96) December 11, 2018

I can’t even. Saw a clip of Aamir Liaquat and his wife on Sanam Baloch’s show. Pathetic— Bushra Joyo-Gandhi (@filmyjoyo) December 11, 2018

It’s really sad to see our national media talk about someone’s personal matters so openly. The way Sanam bashed Bushra Amir and her teenage kids for not ‘accepting’ their father’s second marriage was absurd.

We have no idea what the affected family might be going through every day and the amount of emotional stress that they would have had to encounter.

Entertaining others out of someone’s misery is NOT cool and its about time we learn this!