Amir Liaquat Is Head Over Heels In Love With His Second Wife And “Pehlay Wali Ka Kiya?”


Watching Amir Liaquat on a front line triggers an “uh-oh” from our mouths whenever he goes viral.

From the past years, we have watched him on various platforms such as joining political parties and ditching them, on religious talk shows and creating misunderstanding between different religious sects and even his own game show to which he mocks our nation to a disgrace by insulting remarks and claiming afterwards “all is done in good wishes”.

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What has the man landed himself into this time?

Well apparently he re-married again (YES HE DID) after teasing so many people for their second marriage, he outdid himself in this age by re-marrying a women younger –way younger than him.

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Amir is head over heels in love with her and he can’t stop praising his second wife.

He took his love and wrote a special message for her on Twitter.

“If that is you” likha toh pehli bivi kiya hai Amir Sahab?

We can’t stop questioning the man who is responsible of preaching us Islamic Teaching of balancing their marriages over and over in his religious talk shows had the audacity to shun off his first wife and talk only of his second.

Kahan ka insaaf hai? Kahan gae ap ki taleemat aur lecture?

Bohat nazuk soorat e haal hai bhai.

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This has happened always when one who preaches on a daily basis gets to forget himself what is morally right and wrong.

Idher to hap nay ghalat ee kiya hai jo apki pehli b.v kay liye shahd na-qabil qabool ho.

People have been reacting to this post with different views.

Daikha? Log #pehlibivi ka trend jaari kardien gay apki is harkat kay baad

Another questioning your harkatain

Kon pehli bivi?

Aub toh yehi hain hamaray Amir uncle kay liye

Inho ne toh jannay say ee inkar kardiya hai choti bhabhi ko

That you did!

Perhaps not! She is gone

Amir Bhai aap se ziada toh aap k fans wafadaar hain.

Pyar andha hota hai tum kya jano!


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