Amir Liaquat Trolled Deepika On Her Wedding Photo & Pakistanis Are Secretly Proud!



The much-awaited wedding bells have finally rung… YESSSS!!!!

We are talking about none other than Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding. Although the wedding was kept as a low profile away on the land of love aka ITALY yet it wasn’t a wedding without tears of joy and everyone cheering for them even if they weren’t invited or were too but couldn’t make it.

Ranveer and Deepika kept a no phone policy and wanted to show the very first pictures of their wedding themselves and that they did. Oh boy, they both looked happily married and happily in love attired all regal and elegant as how a bride and groom should be.

With everyone congratulating them… Our dearly beloved Amir Liaquat couldn’t keep a hold on his sarcasm and came back with quite an interesting troll on Deepika’s wedding photo.

Wah… The comparison of both is quite astonishingly similar. Where did he even find this photo?

With captioning #shaadimubarak, we are sure Amir Uncle apka yeh shadi ki Mubarak zaroor un tak phonch gaya ho ga.

As much as they hate him, here is how Pakistanis are tapping Amirs back and are secretly proud of our Amir Uncle:

Dabang wala chaa gaye

He always keeps this side of his up

A very dark and dangerous frame of mind we think!

Swag ka baap hain yeh toh

He sure knows how to light this nation up…

Amir Liaquat is not the first man to troll Deepika’s wedding photo, there are tons of meme being shared across the internet. Here are some: