Here Are Anber Javed’s Amazing Tips on How To Shop Savvy in Blessed Friday Sales


Ever seen someone who looks alluring in literally everything they wear? For me, it’s the mastermind behind A Wardrobe Affair on Instagram.  

I still vividly remember being new to Instagram and being unfamiliar with the whole blogger scene. While on the lookout for compelling fashion blogs to follow, I stumbled upon A Wardrobe Affair. Rest assured, it was a sight for sore eyes. Run by Anber Javed, blogger and stylist based in Islamabad, this Instagram account is full of her captivating OOTDs, travel diaries, the latest catalogues, and a lot more! You’re seriously missing out if you don’t have her on your feed.  

With everybody going bonkers over the blessed Friday sales this weekend, we totally get how hard it is to not give in to your impulses. With the help of this gifted fashionista, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to prevent you from emptying out your wallet. However, at the end of the day, the struggle really is real!

Identify Wants vs Needs 

Quite often, we succumb to our wants which are evidently never-ending in nature. The trick is to strictly focus on what we really need instead of cashing in on whatever appeases the eye. Filter out the items, and make a wish list in your head for your excessive wants for when you feel like splurging 

Set Aside a Budget

Deciding a fixed amount to spend and then constantly reminding yourself about it really does help. Here the trick is to be really stern with yourself with firstly, setting an appropriate limit, and then forcing yourself to stop once the limit is reached. Anything that goes beyond your budget needs to be dropped immediately. 

Restrain Yourself – FOR REAL

This requires immense self-control, we know. But it’s all for the greater good. Learn to judge your behaviour. If you think you can’t be leashed once you hit the sales racks, it’s better to not hit the mall. Be assured with the fact that this won’t be missing out, there will be plenty of sales to come. Because after all, this is how the fashion business thrives. 

Thoroughly Know What You Own Already

It really helps to take a comprehensive look at your closet and know what you have. More often than not, we get lustful over the appeal of everything on low prices and end up buying stuff that doesn’t go with what we own. Focus on the missing pieces and try not to let your eyes wander.

Following these few tips diligently will help you save some cash and not come back home with regretful decisions. Here’s to going crazy this weekend, with a tiny leash on our desires! And don’t forget to follow @awardrobeaffair for your regular dose of aesthetically pleasing posts.