Armeena Khan Is Shocked At Young Girls Being Makeup Ki Dukaan And We Somehow Agree!


From once when every woman relied on a makeup artist to fix her hair and do her makeup, in today’s time every woman is capable of doing her own makeup (Thanks to the countless and numerous tutorials on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube). The internet is like your makeup artist telling how you can do your own makeup at home.

Its quite the addiction what you can do with makeup, like painting a story on your face, but such kind of art is not only restricted to older women these days.

You can see drag queens, transgenders, gays, men and even young girls ahead of one another and it’s like a makeup race, one simply can’t get enough of watching one competing, replicating or even parodying someone’s makeup.

Armeena Khan recently expressed of how shocked and in utter disbelief, she was on her Twitter Account when she came across watching Young Girls doing their makeup.

Well Armeena Jee, time to wake up!

This isn’t the black and white times where little girls play with ponies and own Barbie dolls.

Here is how people reacted to this post:

maa maa nah rahey gee agar baalon ko hath lagaya, WAH!

Pehlay maa aub baap? Wah Re!

Daikhty kab aap baap ban kar beti ko sanwarny ka mauqa daity

And her saggy bum.

Zamana badal gaya hai lekan aurat ko aj tak sanwarney ka shauq hai.

Anyone has seenAlicia Keys and her #NoMakeup movement. Perhaps every woman should be inspired of her..