Asad And Nimra’s Wedding Exposed Our Highly Antithetical Societal Psyche And Its Consequential To Talk About It!!


Asad and Nimra, two 18 year olds fell in love, decided to get married and tied the knot in a private ceremony a few days ago.Little did they know that their special day will stir a paroxysm on social media.In a snap the pictures of their ceremony became a polemical matter and people did not shy away from expressing their opinions.

From forced marriage to child marriages,internet intellectuals had all sorts of theories behind this matrimony.

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Some were actually worried who will sustain their expenses in the life ahead. 

While the rest body shamed the groom.

And then there were those who stood up for them!

After all the frenzy the wedding caused the groom’s sister, who happens to be a TikTok “star”, toom to her social media to put all the speculations to the rest. 

with all the moot this, otherwise simple wedding, caused we know one thing in certainty; our society is alarmingly and predominantly polarized.One standpoint expounds over late marriages, calling and thumbing nose at people who do not get married early on. Often we see people, men and women alike,facing deluge of questions such as “shadi nahy hui abhi tak? ” and “shadi kab kar rahy ho” shoving their lives into absolute agony.Girls, give up their goals and aspirations, in order to stay at par with right-age-to-get-married norm.Older women seeking rishtas for their boys need a young bahu, often no older than 20 years and girls over 25 or 30 are deemed as a societal “cult”. This element alone has instilled a feeling of worthlessness and futility in people who do not manage to espouse at a younger age.

The other theorem, without demur, ridicules couples who manage to find the right ones at an unripe age;and above is the latest example of it.Remarks like they are too young, too immature and incapable of handling such monumental responsibility, stalk the couple for eternity.The boy will be bombarded with queries like how is he to afford the bills and other expenses, because as per the benchmark a guy should be well settled, filthy rich and still absurdly somehow should not be older than 30 when he decides to get married.The girl gets whacked with opinions on the huge responsibility of husband, the house chores, bearing children and raising them and also the added adoption of husband’s family and their Khidmat. Maturity which is not even an age specific attribute, is often linked with successful marriages while we have abundant examples of how older men and women put in gear their animal-like instincts and wreck their relationships.

What we need to understand as a society is how intrusive we are in other people’s lives in matters that don’t even concern us.We can not fathom the obvious; getting married early on is okay, getting married at or over 30 is okay too.It is more about finding the right person to spend your life with than getting hitched just for the sake of being called Mr&Mrs.This is the mere reason which has resulted into so many failed marriages as people do not wait for the right choice and handcuff themselves in an incompatible, unsuited relationship.

Also this debate has made it evident that body shaming is inclusive of both the genders.If women are shamed for being over-sized men are also humiliated for being too skinny or less manly and its outrageously disgusting to say the least.We just need to learn keep our noses out of other people’s affairs.Heavens only know how far-flung that goal might be, but we are all hopeful.

Live and let live.

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