Asia Bibi In Netherlands: Foreign Media Confirms, Pakistan Government Denies & We Are Confused AF


Asia Bibi’s freedom not only cost too many people’s impatience but a whole lot of disappointment and now a whole lot of confusion? Yes, people are now in a state of turmoil because of the confirmation of Asia Bibi’s whereabouts in the Netherlands.

This is no rumour as Foreign Media confirmed the news itself of Asia Bibi’s whereabouts, well if that is the case then the Foreign Medias announcement on this matter must be correct, right? But what’s sparking confusion among people is despite the confirmation from Foreign Media, Pakistan Government is in absolute denial and isn’t coming terms with their source of news.

Antonio Tajani, The President of the European Parliament thanked Pakistani authorities to transfer Aasia to a safe place that he shall be meeting her soon.

But, Pakistan Government is not matching heads with Foreign Media and is denying of Asia flying off to the Netherlands.

While Pakistan Government is in denial, Pakistani Media and News channel are posting otherwise something else on the screen:

Wait…What is happening right here? Confused we are, Indeed!

How are people reacting to this tug of war statements, we’ll let you read for yourself.

Koi toh jawaab day.

Haha you nailed it!

Seems like the Pakistani Government needs to really stay updated with whose leaving and entering this state. Parosi mulk ko ziada pata hai!