Asim Azhar Dropped A New Single & Even Karan Johar Couldn’t Resist Praising It!


We all know Asim Azhar is talented. The 22-year-old singing sensation is taking our breath away with his soulful voice. But we aren’t the only ones who know about his talent. As it turns out, our neighbours know this too.

Asim Azhar released his single ‘Jo Tu Na Mila’  a few days back to widespread critical acclaim. The song was praised by both the general public and celebrities alike. People are voicing their opinion on social platforms. One of those people happens to be Karan Johar.

Karan Johar, one of the most well recognized Bollywood directors, took to Twitter to proclaim his love for Asim’s latest song saying,”Such a beautiful song. Heartbreak melody at its best”.

But Karan Johar isn’t the only one in love with “Jo Tu Na Mila”. Amaal Malik also tweeted his love for the song saying:

Salim Merchant, yes even him, has come out in praise of Asim’s song. Recognizing the song as having a beautiful composition and production, he applauded Asim by tweeting:

Asim Azhar knows this and has since then shown his gratitude for this praise. Well done boy!

The song, which stars Asim Azhar, Waleed Khan and Iqra Aziz, is sung and composed by Asim Azhar while the lyrics are penned down by Kunal Verma.

It has become the most viewed Pakistani song ever on day 1 of the song’s release and is currently trending on both Youtube Pakistan and India.