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Atif Aslam Finally Reveals The Real Reason Why He Left Jal


One of the most bankable names in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Atif Aslam, sure needs no introduction. Quickly rising to fame with his first single, Aadat, the superstar has won hearts worldwide with his melodious voice, and continues to do so. Samina Peerzada once again managed to make the star spill super-secret deets about his life, so read on to find out what made the superstar what he is today.

Discovering The Voice

When asked how he discovered his unique voice, Aslam recalled how as a kid he played antakshari in an abandoned house and that made him look at his voice in a different manner. “I tried singing and humming, and because of the echo [in that house], I started feeling scared of my voice.” Fear piqued his interest, and that made him develop interest in listening to music, and then eventually singing it.

What Happened With Jal?

Touching a sensitive topic, the singer revealed the real reason why he left his band, Jal, after a short run. He talked about how his elder brother gave up his job to manage the band, but it didn’t turn out suitable for Gohar Mumtaz eventually, who wanted his brother to manage the band as well. “I kinda got to know that it was something like you’ll be getting more money than I will and I really got ticked off,” he explained.

The singer still wanted things to work out between them. “I’m the last person who’d want to break off a relationship, let alone a band,” he said. What put the final nail in the coffin was a concert in Lahore where the band was supposed to perform, and money turned out to be an issue. Mumtaz wanted to leave for Karachi for another show on the third day of rehearsals, saying I feel this is what’s better for the band. “I understood then that it was sort of blackmailing, and I didn’t have the money. Of course, if I had something then I would have definitely given it to him,” the singer explained.

Eventually, Aslam found out how Mumtaz went to the show in Karachi. “

So basically he went there for [the band’s] representation and he lied to them when they asked him where the lead singer is. He told them there’s been a death in his family and he can’t come,”

the singer revealed. Following this deceit, he performed alone in the concert in Lahore, and from there on, Atif Aslam decided to go solo.

He was asked if he has forgiven Mumtaz for all that happened, and the singer responded affirmatively. “I have. I have met him a couple of times… He told me he regretted it, and I felt a little awkward,” he said. He also talked about how there’s no bad blood between the two, and he’s okay with him doing his own thing.

What do you think about this shocking truth behind the band’s breakup? Watch the whole interview below, and let us know how you feel in the comments.