Bahria University Has Issued A New Dress Code Policy & Its $exist AF!


Bahria University tops the list of those universities that are under spotlight every now and then for its weird policies.

For instance, keeping a minimum 6-inch difference between male and female students while sitting or standing. The justified it by saying that “touching of males and females is forbidden”.

The whole world was surprised at this and people grilled the administration for that policy so much that they had to undo it.

Not just that but Bahria administration gives a new dress code after every few months. Literally!

Source: Bahria University website

And now once again, Bahria University has issued latest instructions for the students about the new dress code and students are really angry.

Better safe than sorry? Matlab kay yaar kuch bhi?

Girls are really upset about the new dress code.

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Burqa ki he kami reh gayi hai bas ab.

Honestly, shalwars were replaced by trousers long ago. Lots of women don’t even know shalwars anymore lol

Somebody, please explain?

Time to change university maybe?


On the other hand, boys are lauding the decision.

Bhai aap bhi isi heera mandi mein parhtay hain?

This is how old Bahria students are recalling their times.

Point toh hai bhai!

Uncle jee! Apkay zamany mein maslay aur thay

Bohat he ajeeb policy hai bhai.

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