Benazir Bhutto – Remembering The Lioness


We haven’t forgotten Benazir. Not even after 11 years.

This 27th of December marks the 11th death anniversary of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. It has been a long time since she left but her name shall always remain. She wasn’t just another woman. She was much more.

She was the first women to head a democratic government in an Islamic State. She was a true epitome of courage and empowerment.

Benazir went to Oxford and elected as the president of Oxford Union, becoming the first Asian woman to head that famous debating society.

She was the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who remained a controversial figure in history. But Benazir still followed the legacy of her father no matter what and people love her for this.

This was how she remembered the death of her father. Just like all the daughters love their dads, Benazir did too.

Later on, her brother Shahnawaz Bhutto was also murdered but she still never gave up and fought against all the odds.

She became the youngest Prime minister just at the age of 35.

She had made some powerful enemies during her life, especially after becoming the head of the state. Osama Bin Laden was one of them. But she was the iron lady.

Although she was linked with many controversies and allegations that may or may not be true one thing can’t be denied. She stood shoulder to shoulder with all the men around her and faced whatever life had to throw at her.

It has been often said that Benazir knew she was going to be assassinated but she still decided to return to her homeland.

Then 27th December 2007 happened. What had always been speculated, it happened.

She left the world but will always be alive in the millions of hearts as an epitome of bravery, courage, and empowerment. Above all, an example for all the women to follow.