Best Smartphone Awards 2018: Which Phone You Should Buy?


2018 has been a crazy ride when it comes to smartphones. From the very beginning, we got things like the Galaxy S9/S9+ which came awfully close to a Perfect smartphone. Later on Huawei P20/P20 pro changed the smartphone game altogether. We saw what an ambitious company can do when it sets its mind to something. A triple camera system that provided pictures we could hardly believe were from a smartphone camera. Then came the OnePlus 6. Well, we all know what OnePlus does!

And just when we thought that 2018 can’t be much crazier when it comes to smartphones, the second half of 2018 happened. August gave us the Galaxy Note 9 which many tech  youtubers still refer to as an essentially ‘Perfect Smartphone’ even when 2018 is drawing to a close. September was, as always, an Apple affair. The iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone XR were released to once again establish Apples dominance on the smartphone industry and whether it managed to do that is a different debate altogether.

Then came October, a tech-storm that was aptly named ‘Techtober’. Huawei Mate 20/ 20 Pro, LG V40, OnePlus 6T, Pixel 3/ 3xl, Razer Phone 2, Asus Rog Phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix3 and the list goes on and on. And with October over, smartphone market finally calmed down. 2018 has been a pretty crazy ride, hasn’t it?

Now with that monologue/ lame backstory over let us present to you The Best Smartphone Awards of 2018. These are the products that stand on top of the food chain. The smartphones that deserve every bit of your cash. Without further ado lets take a look:

Best Smartphone Award for Productivity

best smartphone awards 2018

If Productivity is defined as “the rate of output per unit of input” I think we have only one smartphone that provides more output on every interaction than anything out there.

The Best Smartphone For Productivity is the Galaxy Note 9. Do you want reasons? Let me give you some.

Arguably The Best Display on a smartphone right now. No smartphones display is brighter, more color-rich and more awesome than Note 9’s. Everything on this screen looks amazing.

Battery Life on this device is also bonkers good. A full day no matter how hard you push it and then some. A 4000mAh affair that supports fast charging. So you are gonna be looking at that screen for a long time.

And then there is the reason that this device is on this list. The reason that Note series is so different from every other smartphone. The all new Bluetooth enabled S-pen! The inclusion of the S-pen makes the Note 9 a beast of a smartphone. A productivity powerhouse. Tasks that are considered tedious to perform on a smartphone are made easy on Note 9. Note taking, doodling, scribbling, you get the point. So Note 9 is our Best Smartphone For Productivity.

Best Smartphone Award For Value Of Money

best smartphone awards 2018

You don’t need to hide it from me. I know this category is the only one you care about. Whether you take this as a joke or on a serious note, one thing is certain: The influence that this smartphone category has had on the market, it can’t be overstated. So without further ado: the award for the smartphone that offers The Best Bang For Your Buck goes to the OnePlus 6T.

After years of making smartphones that provide crazy value for the money, OnePlus finally released a smartphone that not only provides crazy value for your money but can also go toe to toe with smartphones that cost north of $1000. Don’t believe me? Ask our Editor he is using a OnePlus 6T as his daily driver and is in love with it.

For approximately $550 you are getting the most powerful smartphone SOC currently running on an Android device. A big, beautiful OLED screen. A spacious battery that, unlike your friends, will never betray you. A capable dual camera setup with crazy features like Night Sight. What more do you want? Oh, and there is an in-display fingerprint scanner too. Crazy, right?

So if your wallet squeals when you think about the iPhone Xs, get this instead.

Best Smartphone Award for Photography

Arguably the most polarizing aspect of a smartphone, the camera is also the main differentiating factor nowadays. Every smartphone on this list has great performance, great screens and exceptional build quality but what differentiates them, for the most part, is how well the camera performs.

So keeping that in mind we would like to crown the Google Pixel 3/ 3xl for having the Best Camera On a Smartphone.

A single rear camera that can blow every smartphone camera out of the water. No matter the condition, the Computational photography prowess of Google’s camera phone holds its own. It produces results that were never possible from a phone before. Take a look at Night Mode on the Pixel 3. The feature produces out of this world results, bringing out details in low light shots that are almost like magic. Take a look for yourself.

The rest of the phone is no slouch either. It is as you expect from a high-end flagship smartphone.

So if you want the best camera on a phone right now, look no further than the Google Pixel 3.

Best Smartphone Award For Ease Of Use

best smartphone awards 2018

Smartphones now a days are overly complex computational machines. They do every thing and sometimes it becomes troublesome to keep up. Nerds like us can get around a smartphone pretty easily but it becomes a chore for an average person. So a smartphone that is easy to use is a God send for most people.

For that, our next Best Smartphone category is Ease Of Use. And for that, you know where we are going with this don’t you?, we have to give this to Apple.

Yes, you guessed it right. The Best Smartphone For Ease Of Use is the Iphone Xs.

You have to give this to Apple. No matter how many things the company messes up in its smartphones, one thing always remains consistent. iPhones are the most accessible smartphones you can buy. You can just pick them up and do what you wanna do. And now with the iPhone Xs, this accessibility comes in a wonderful smartphones.

Forget the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to buy and focus on what it provides. A beautiful design, an amazing screen, blazing fast performance and an outstanding camera. Combine all of that with the ease of use and you have a smartphone that is made for the masses (read: rich masses).

So the Best Smartphone For Ease Of Use is the iPhone Xs.

And now onto our last category

Best Software In Smartphone Award

best smartphone awards 2018

The most subjective category of all. The thing that can’t be objectively categorized but I am still gonna do it anyway (hahaha). When it comes to software I am referring to the OS and the additional software features that a manufacturer includes in their products. And interestingly it is the only category where we don’t have a clear winner. This award is shared.

So the Best Software On A Smartphone award goes to the iPhone Xs and the Google Pixel 3.

The software on both of these phones is exactly as the OS manufacturer intended. Android as Google envisioned it and IOS as Apple. Because both of these phone manufacturers also happen to be the OS manufacturers, we see an amazing harmony of software and hardware. This results in a fast, responsive interface that is a joy to use on both of these phones. And not only that, but the update support is also excellent on both of these phones. Both Apple and Google promise at-least 2 years of OS updates.

The Overall Best Smartphone of 2018

best smartphone awards 2018

Are you ready? Like ready, ready? The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the best smartphone of 2018? Why you ask? Let me give you not 1, not 2, but 3 reasons.

Battery, Camera and novel Features!

If there is one thing that the Mate 20 Pro does better than any flagship smartphone out there its the battery performance. Believe me when i say you can get 2 days of battery out of this phone. This type of endurance has never been seen before. And when you need to charge, it charges faster than any other smartphone too. A 40W fast charger that gives you 70% in 30 minutes. Tell me that isn’t impressive.

Camera game on the Mate 20 pro is so good its ridiculous how well it performs. Its the only smartphone that, in my opinion, can go toe to toe with the best camera phone of 2018 (read on to find out) and even out-do it in some respects. 3 cameras, 3 times the awesomeness.

And boy do we have novel features! An in-screen fingerprint scanner? Check! 3D facial recognition? Check! Wireless Reverse Charge? Are you serious? Check and yes!

All in all the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the Best Smartphone of 2018 and a phone that is worth every penny.

So if you want the absolute software experience go with these phones.

Phew! So thats all folks. This was our list of the Best Smartphones of 2018. Want to add something? Have a different choice? Sound off in the comments.