Bushra Bibi’s Hijab Is None Of Your Concern Miss Sara Taseer!


First lady of Pakistan Bushra Imran, wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, paid a visit to an orphanage in Lahore on Saturday. She was clad in a white veil, covered head to toe, including her face.

Probably referring to this visit, Sara Taseer had something really mean to say about her veil.

My nine year old Soni, would have freaked out if someone showed up to her school in white shrouds, a face mask and posed for pix #BushraBibi#JustSaying#mummytalk Lets get with the times

She then proceeded to post a  GIF of a ghost, implying that Bushra Bibi looks like it.

She also retweeted another tweet which said:

#BushraBibi cannot be a role model for our little Pakistani girls who dream of becoming surgeons, journalists, cricketers. She should stay away from the media pls We respect her dress choice, but the Qur’an & Hadith DO NOT require the covering of the face This is not “Islamic”!

Everyone was taken aback by her blatant disrespect for Bushra Bibi’s choice of dressing. Is it really anyone’s business to comment on another woman’s dress code?

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Sara Taseer, being a woman, should understand perfectly well how important it is for women to be able to dress the way they want without receiving people’s unwanted opinions about it.

Sara Taseer tweeted again, a message for the people calling her out on her tweets:

People replied to her tweet, saying that Bushra Bibi can wear whatever she chooses to wear. After all, it’s none of her concern!

Sara Taseer is wrong! Just to defend your ‘liberal’ lifestyle you cannot just make fun of those who choose not to adopt the same lifestyle.

It is also interesting to note the double standards of Pakistani twitter. The moment Mehwish Hayat or Urwa Hocane choose to wear something that is revealing, Pakistanis can’t stop criticizing and preaching. But when Bushra Bibi chooses to wear a veil, it becomes a matter of her personal choice.

What do you think of Sara Taseer’s comments?