This Careem Driver Harassed A Woman During A Ride & Authorities Need To Take Action!


Car hailing companies have been into the hot waters since their inception due to their incompetent and sometimes smutty drivers.

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In recent past many women came about to talk about their appalling experiences with them, warning other women to stay vigilant and cautious.

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The Global Me Too movement has paved way for females to talk more openly about harassment and expose these devils profoundly.

Recently, this lady uploaded a video which shows a remorseless Careem driver who she accuses of passing immoral and lewd comments while she was on a ride with him. The woman can be heard shouting and complaining about the driver’s indecent behavior as he sits there trying to justify his conduct.

She is loud and clear about the fact that even though she was covered completely and was dressed modestly. Even that did not stop the man from intimidating her with his filthy remarks.

Not just that but the lady was accompanied by a child while this incident had taken place. What even?!

Previously, both Careem and Uber have received complaints of their drivers’ misconduct and they claimed to have taken the rightful action against them.

However, it is evident from incidents like these that they haven’t formulated anything effective to tackle such issues. Its time these companies must make forceful policies to make the drivers accountable and rectify this evil immediately.