This Clothing Brand Is Using Mental Illness For Marketing And WTF?


We have seen the Corporate World sink to lows. And when you think it can’t sink any further Lo and Behold it sinks further. After using things like Complexion, Subjective standards of beauty and feminism, now its time for it to use Mental Illness as a way to Appeal” to the masses.

Edenrobe, a Pakistani clothing brand, recently decided to induce a touch of Corporate-douchebaggery (read: Begairti) into its marketing. Dubbed Knot the Blues, their marketing is targeting women who have mental health issues. Women who feel chained up and want to free themselves. But here comes a question. Do they know what depression truly is?

Naturally, using a sensitive issue such as this as a marketing stunt is sparking outrage. and people are speaking up against it. One user on Twitter noted:

And i have to agree. As someone who has seen what depression can do to you, clothes are the last thing a depressed person thinks about. Opposite to what Edenrobe is saying in its marketing, clothes are not a way out. And people know this too. Some people also see another aspect to it. Offending feminists!

Not only that, they approached bloggers who were Depressed and asked them to be a part of their campaign. WTF? Like using an issue that is already so misunderstood in our society wasn’t enough.

It’s time for the Corporate World to understand. Using personal issues for your product marketing is not cool. It never has been and it never will be! Don’t poke your nose in affairs you Corporate Slaves don’t understand.

And lastly, WTF is Knot the Blues?

Here’s a complete showcase of what they have posted on their Facebook Page: