Cynthia Ritchie Bicycling On The Roads Of Peshawar Stirs A Debate On The Real Image Of Pakistan


No matter how a country evaluates its progress through modernization, it still lacks the essence in most parts and is unable to break from all barriers given its path. Most people do not defend modernization and are strictly against the idea of putting forth new bridges before old traditions.

The irony, if some foreign soul attempts to do something out of the blue on a land where one doesn’t follow, they are not only forgiven but applauded even if it breaks old traditions and disrespects your culture.

Recently, some same foreigner attempted to do something that placed a question mark on her act. Cynthia Ritchie was seen bicycling on the roads of none other than “Peshawar”.

Peshawar is known to be a city that marks the flag of respect for women. To go cycling, wasn’t the best ideas of Cynthia Ritchie at all. She should’ve learnt more about Pukhtoons culture before randomly cycling through the roads of Peshawar.

Here is how Pakistanis shared their cent of view:

Guess she was spared for being a Foreigner… You get the green flag for not being a Pakistani.

Bitter Irony.

Behan toh behan hai jee. Yeh toh behan nai na!

Sadly, not to protect her.

Neither do we.

Minister Zartaj Gul was also given a shut up call for praising Cynthia. Oops!

Not against the idea of promoting “Naya Pakistan” but this kind of stunts don’t make sense when you’re overstepping culture and bringing forth something that is considered “delusional” by many of the Pakistani themselves.