Dear Judgmental Desi Aunties – It’s OKAY!


To The Judgmental Desi Aunties:

  • it’s okay if a girl is gaining a bit of weight (or even a lot of weight). She isn’t eating from your plate.
  • It’s okay if a girl has lost a lot of weight. It was the women like you who probably made her feel insecure about herself and now she seeks satisfaction in her anorexic body.
  • It’s okay if a couple hasn’t had a baby and it’s been five years into their marriage. They could be trying very hard for years.
  • It’s okay if a woman has children and decides to work. She probably has certain dreams for her children’s future that probably a single income won’t fulfill.
  • It’s okay if a woman doesn’t know how to cook. If her husband is okay with it, who are you to have a say?

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  • It’s okay if a girl wants to prioritize her studies over a married life. Marriage isn’t the ultimate life goal.
  • It’s okay if a woman looks too big while being pregnant and wants to flaunt it. She is a walking miracle after all.
  • It’s okay if a woman doesn’t have a clean house all the time. You don’t know what demons she fights in her head every day.
  • It’s okay if a girl younger than you is opinionated. If you can pass judgments, she too has the right to give her opinion.
  • It’s okay if a girl is not straight out of a “fair and lovely” poster. Fairness isn’t the sole definition of beauty.
  • It’s okay if a girl chooses to work and help her family financially, instead of getting married. Her parents don’t think she is a money making machine and she probably wants to give back to her parents.
  • It’s okay if a girl has passed the “25-year-old” limit and is still unmarried. If it’s meant to happen it will happen.
  • It’s okay if a married woman wears little makeup. She isn’t necessarily unhappy, she has a certain style.
  • It’s okay if an unmarried girl wears too much makeup. She isn’t buying the makeup from your money.
  • It’s okay if a girl wants to travel abroad ALONE, for a job or studies. If her family is fine with it, why should you have a problem?
  • It’s okay if a woman is divorced. You don’t know what she went through behind closed doors.

As long as a woman’s decision or lifestyle doesn’t interfere with yours, refrain from making judgments.

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