Decade In Review: Top 10 Pakistani Dramas That Left The Audience In Awe!!


Pakistani drama industry has always been exceptional in proving its score and impressing the audience with its creativity. Leaping over the obvious recession during the “Indian-Soap” dominion for some time, our dramas did pretty well in terms of originality and artistry.

Here are the top 10 dramas of the decade that left us all dazzled.

1: Humsafar (2011-2012)

The drama which brought back the audience to the TV screens after we lost most of them to mediocre Indian inspired content. We owe it to Humsafar big time. Some might think it was a typical ‘saas-bahu” story, but the execution was nonetheless, remarkable. The OST was indeed a cherry on the top. The venture made Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan icons of the country and also beyond the borders.

2: Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012-2013)

Zindagi Gulzar Hai was able to set a trend for a strong, opinionated and independent female protagonist, unlike the usual crying, damsels in distress. Kashaf as a character taught resiliency and constancy in the face of hardships. Apart from being a Rom-com, the drama dealt with many social issues like class differences, women empowerment and had a unique take on liberalism. It was surely one of its kind and will be remembered for a long time to come.

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3: Pyaray Afzal

What Humsafar did for Fawad and Mahira, Pyaray Afzal did that for Hamza Ali Abbasi. It placed him on the seat of popularity across borders. But there was more to this production than just giving a new hero to industry. The script and dialogues were exceptional and acting from the cast members; on-point. The heartbreaking end to a beautiful love story told us that it is not always a ‘happily ever after” for everybody.

4: Dastaan (2010)

A stellar cast, incredible acting skills, and exclusive storyline are few factors that made this drama one of the best of its time. Set in the backdrop of mid 19’s, the story reflected on the hardships of the people of the subcontinent during the partition of 1947. A tale of love, struggle, family and relationships amidst the Indo-Pak separation, Dastaan left an eternal impression on all its viewers. Based on Razia Butt’s novel Bano, this incredible drama adaptation was widely appreciated. Fawad Afzal Khan and Sanam Baloch did complete justice to the roles of Hassan and Bano.

5: Udaari (2016)

Udari took the responsibility of showcasing a very pressing and sensitive topic of child sexual abuse and did justice to it in all regards. It was the first time that a subject of such a nature was addressed on TV screens and it certainly paved a way for us, as a society, to talk more openly about it. It dealt with the subject consciously and helped in raising awareness across the country.

6: Diyaar-e-Dil (2015)

Penned down by Farhat Ishtiaq, this story revolved around the splinted family issue with separated parents. The story concluded on moral lessons regarding respect, love, and care in relationships. Shot in beautiful locations of Gilgit Baltistan, the drama gave us insights of the native traditions and culture, as well as presented a beautiful love story of Fara and Wali.

7: Sang-e-Marmar (2016)

Sang-e-Marmar had been an entertaining and engaging drama from start to finish, proving once again that the rating game can be won with quality productions that don’t wallow in clichés. Mustafa Afridi made us ride through the classic Pashtoon culture and its symmetry. Sang-e-Marmar was jam-packed with stellar performances from a cast that did complete justice to some difficult roles. Noman Ejaz is a masterful actor and his performance as Gulistan Khan was an authentic portrait of the complexity of human nature. But the show-stopper was perhaps the villain of the story. Tora Khan is arguably one of the most fascinating characters created by Afridi and Masroor Paras has done complete justice to this flawed, sad man.

8: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2019)

We can all agree that this show presented one of the best performances by any actor in recent years; Imran Ashraf as Bhola. Depicting the life events of a man with special needs and the related hardships of the immediate family, this drama is indeed a trendsetter for others. This drama showed in the most engaging manner possible how these people who are very different from others are more sensitive than most of us and they also need love. The most important lesson in this drama was that you should never trust anyone with children of special needs since they are highly vulnerable. While everyone was awed by the characterization of Bhola, the female protagonist, Iqra Aziz as Noori also left a mark with her acting proficiency. It also touched the topic of marital rape which stirred debate amongst the audience at various fronts.

9: Yakeen Ka Safar (2017)

Yakeen Ka Safar was one realistic storyline that touched many hearts and of course gave us another face to cherish: Ahad Raza Mir. It was a combination of tears and smiles and gave emotional punches now and then. It was beautiful how the writer embedded so many messages in this drama, through Daniyal she showed that no matter how hard it is to walk on the path of truth, it will always reward you in the end. Daniyal’s journey showed that even if you are alone & have no support, your perspective will always leave an impact on others’ lives. Zubiya’s journey was full of all such messages that no matter what you go through if you are strong enough, you can deal with anything & not only in your life, you can bring a change in others’ lives too. It was absolutely beautiful seeing a simple girl like Zubiya being so self-sufficient & empowered.

10: Alif, Allah Aur Insan (2017)

While many may think that the story of this show drifted from its usual standard in the latter half, it still managed to leave an imprint with excellent performances from the cast. Ushna Shah & Imran Ashraf were phenomenal as Rani & Shammo in the initial stages of the drama. It was a story of trust, relationships, and regrets, revolving around five people with different backgrounds and their faith and conviction. It highlighted the concept of how the creator rewards the people who believe in hard work and patience.

This was our list of top 10 dramas of this decade. Do you have more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!!


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