Denim Is Never Out Of Fashion & This Is How You Can Pull Off A Denim Jacket!


The classic denim jacket has been around for quite a while now, and every year we see fashion enthusiasts adding their own touch to it to personalize it. Although it looks good with almost everything you wear, there are ways with which you can enhance your look and turn it into something chic. Try out some of these ideas, while taking a little inspo from celebs, who know deep down they’re doing it right.  

 Add a little bling to it!

Who says your denim jacket has to be the same old plain kinda pullover? You can totally pull out your DIY guns and bedazzle it however you like it. Kareena Kapoor here shows you can add some stars and stones to keep it from going boring.

Rip it up!

Again, it doesn’t have to be all prim and proper. You can slash and rip up the edges to give it a little grunge look. Take a little inspo from Mahira Khan and let the edges hang loose!

A little pop of color goes a long way

These red and white stretch bands from Levi’s are perfect if you want to show off brands or just add a little color to your outfit. Stylist and Instagram influencer Mehak Saeed shows you how.

Pair it with a saari

Yep, you can totally break all stereotypes and pair a traditional sari with a denim jacket. Our reigning queen of fashion, Sonya Hussain, looks stunning in this mod attire, and we can’t help but wish we’d look the same.

Add colorful patches

Another alteration you can make to your otherwise dull jacket is to add colorful patches to it. They could totally be reminiscent of your personality, or your favorite things. Take it from Zahra Ayub here, who pairs it with ripped jeans and has the whole double denim look going on pretty well.

A little fur will keep you cozy all day

Okay, we agree that denim jackets really don’t help when it comes to extreme cold, but they’re more of a style statement than a functionality. But, a little fur lining will turn the coziness level to the max, and keep you looking stylish while you’re at it. Hailey Bieber‘s customized jacket is to die for, and if you’re feeling bold enough like Hailey, you can even get your significant other’s name printed on the back!

Flaunt a striking message

You can totally make a statement by flaunting a bold message or whatever you feel you need to put out there. Farhan Saeed makes a statement with his, and who says you can only use the front of your jacket to put your best foot forward?

Pair it with a dress!

Pairing it with a plain dress will add a well-deserved oomph to your outfit, and will be the perfect fusion you can ask for. Anushka Sharma plays it safe here with matching colors, but you can totally go all the way with color blocking!

Customize it with drawings

Looks like Bilal Khan went all in and went crazy with colors and words and drawing on his plain leather jacket, and it’s incredible! The possibilities are endless with this one, as you can fill it up with names, numbers, lyrics, symbols, symbols, patterns, and what not!

Get rid of the sleeves

You don’t have to spend extra bucks on a denim vest when you can conveniently cut off the sleeves of your existing denim jacket and turn it into a vest. Vests, especially denim ones, add flair to any outfit and won’t even make you look bulky like uppers usually do. Take it from Alia Bhatt here and stay on trend.

So, which of these ideas will you be adding to your personal style? Let us know in the comments!