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Depression Took Another Life, This Time It Was The Beautiful Rushaan Farrukh


Depression kills. Yes. Eventually, it does.

Depression never comes alone. Chronic depression and suicidal thoughts go hand in hand. It’s more dangerous than any other disease. Because in other diseases you can notice physical changes in a person and tell that he is suffering and something need to be done. Depression, however, doesn’t work that way. You can never look at the person and judge what’s going on at the back of his mind. It’s all mind game.

All over the world, depression and suicide are most common among youngsters. The reasons may vary from bad grades, bullying, unhealthy relationships, drugs and many more.

Rushaan Farrukh, 24-year-old from Lahore is one of such victims. She was studying at fifth semester in Visual Arts and Design Department of BeaconHouse University, Lahore. Rushaan jumped from the 4th floor of her university building yesterday leaving everyone in shock.

This is what she posted on her Instagram and Facebook before taking her life.

This clearly shows how she wanted help but nobody took her serious and here is the proof of this.


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Her university fellows and everyone else is shocked at this. Perhaps everyone who knew her is ashamed of the fact that they never took her seriously. And now its too late. All we can do is regret.


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On November 26th, Rushaan Farrukh committed suicide in a private university in Pakistan. She was going through depression and this picture is a clear proof of how someone laughing with you this morning might actually be going through the worst depression. I see condolences and posts expressing sorrow everywhere but what for now? We lost a precious life. Why do you always say, “Talk to me whenever you feel like. I’m here always”? IT IS NOT EASY TO TALK OUT ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH IN DEPRESSION!! You need to take it out of them and if you cannot force them to speak at least give them five minutes of your day to cheer them up or divert their attention to the beauties and bounties of life. You can save lives! And and and please stop talking trash about people and gossiping around about them. What gives you a five minute laugh or becomes a good gossip topic for you, many times becomes a reason for someone’s depression. You don’t know how many hearts you break only on the gossip you do based on your assumptions. #rushaanfarrukh #suicide #depression

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Dear Rushaan, I’m sorry that you were under a storm of disturbing emotions. I’m sorry that the pain of existence became too much to bear. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find a reason to live. I’m sorry that you felt enough despair to want to die. I’m sorry that you couldn’t overcome the intense emotional distress. I’m sorry that you felt tenacious enough to jump from the height you knew you won’t survive. I’m sorry that you couldn’t see any way to relieve that pain. I’m sorry that you lost all the hope and the hopelessness overshadowed all the good things in your life. I’m sorry that you couldn’t pull yourself out of it. I’m sorry that you couldn’t see a future that is worth living because no effort to lessen pain worked. I’m sorry that you had to deal with emotional pain, sense of burden, desire to escape from all the negativity, problematic social world, hopelessness and darkness. I’m sorry that you had to go through; Would my loved ones be better off without me?, How much suffering is in my life?, Is death the answer to end this pain?, Is death the answer to my troublesome social relationships?, Is there a hope that life is going to get better?. I’m sorry that it all resulted in pain that couldn’t be endured any longer. I’m sorry that you couldn’t deal with your anxiety, hurt, fear, anger, pain, guilt, loneliness or exhaustion. I’m sorry that no one heard you screaming to be heard. I’m sorry, this world failed you. We, as a society failed you. I’m sorry. …………………………………………………………………………….. Though I’m not a friend or a family member but I’m heart broken because I know the pain of people left behind by the suicide of people close to them. I know the devastation they experience. I know how hard it is to answer questions like, “WHY?”. I know the deep and long lasting wounds suicide leaves in the lives of those left behind. I know. But DO YOU? DO YOU KNOW? HASN’T THE TIME COME TO SHOW EMPATHY TO INDIVIDUALS BEFORE THEY COMMIT SUICIDE? #rushaanfarrukh #amindlesspoeticminion

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The wounds suicide leaves in the lives of those left behind by it are often deep and long-lasting. We can’t even imagine the pain and sorrow of her family and friends. All we can do now is pray for her maghfirat.

It’s time we stop taking people and their feelings for granted. You never know when someone may give up.