Did Ali Rehman Khan Actually Get Married? We Found Out!


With Ali Rehman Khan’s mesmerising eyes and that killer smile, it is really hard to believe some lady hasn’t nailed the heartthrob already. Making a name for himself with roles exploring all kinds of genres (remember that silly yet adorable lad with a heart of gold in Janaan?) and banking that banging body of his, Khan has quickly risen to stardom in this industry.  

Quite recently, Khan made news when a certain special ring was spotted on his ring finger in pictures. Usually pretty private about his personal life, the actor refrained from commenting over the issue till the news blew up, and everyone started looking forward to another celebrity wedding in this festive season.

Moreover, the actor was also spotted looking for apartments in Karachi, which just gave gossip mongers something to talk about.

This left only one question lingering on everyone’s minds – who is the lucky lady? 

Khan finally took to Instagram to address the hot rumour in a video where he told his fans to watch out for some amazing news regarding the matter on December 20th. Very enthusiastically, he declared how he will be getting married on live television, and that he couldn’t wait for his fans to see who the bride is.


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Leaving the media abuzz with anticipation, Khan appeared on Geo TV’s morning show, donned in a groom’s attire.

After playing a game of cat and mouse for a while, he clarified it was all a stunt.

Wow, let that sink in!

The reason he pulled such an elaborate feat was basically that he wanted to draw everybody’s attention to a presiding evil in today’s society – dowry. He expressed how people should not partake in such a baneful practice, where women are measured in terms of how much endowment they are blessed with.  

“The point was to create awareness, as [dowry] is a very materialistic act.”

It is great how Khan took the time out to speak about primitive practices like this one, and planned it so elaborately. However sketchy it may seem, his effort was still lauded. Watch the entire facade below!

What do you think of this antic? Will it manage to reach and change primordial mindsets? Let us know in the comments!