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Did Aamir Liaquat Confirm Zardari & Ayan Ali’s Relationship With This ‘Wahiyat’ Tweet?


Aamir Liaquat is known to be a loose canon. A person you can expect anything from. Literally anything!

Who can forget his ‘Kaisa Diya’ video full of abuses.

And his on screen flirt with Sanam Baloch.

Above all, his ‘AAM KHAYEGA’!

We all got the shock of our lives when we found out that Aamir Liaquat married Tuba Anwar, his co worker and probably half of his age. Their on screen romance made us all cringe.

Recently, Aamir Liaquat stooped so low and hit Asif Zardari in a way that everyone is shocked! Aamir Liaquat tweeted something extremely wahiyat to explain what relation Asif Zardari has with model girl Ayan Ali.

This is what he tweeted.

We don’t know where to hide our faces!

Image result for hiding face gif

I mean seriously?! You have crossed all the limits Aamir Sahab.

Although Aamir Liaquat didn’t take long to realize what he actually tweeted and deleted his tweet but it had already been saved by many.

People are cursing him for completely forgetting his moral values and being so pathetic.

Yes, please!!!

It’s time that Imran Khan should seriously consider kicking him out of the party.

Shukar hai we didn’t vote for this person!


He is a disgrace!

Shadeed ghaleez *pukes*

We agree brother.

What do you think about this harkat of Aamir Liaquat?