Here Is Why You SHOULD NOT Search ‘Thanos’ On Google!


Thanos’ destructive powers have taken over the web as well.

Seeing half the galaxy’s population dissolve into dust with the snap of a finger is sad and stunning, but imagine if half your search results vanished just as quickly.

With Avengers: Endgame now in theaters, Google on Thursday began offering users of its search engine who did a simple search for ‘Thanos’, his Infinity-stone studded gauntlet in the upper right corner of Google’s search results.

But be warned that the power the image wields is far-reaching. Before your very eyes the random elimination of half the search results will unfold.

Google even gives you an updated count on search returns to show you the magnitude of your actions, displaying its familiar number of search results in the upper left corner. They decline from about 90 million results to just 45 million.

Thanos, of course, used the glove to reduce the population of the galaxy because he thought it too crowded.

Image result for thanos gif

Perhaps Google secretly feels the same about search results on the web.

But take heart. Though those Thanos search results have vanished, you can restore them with another click on the mad titan’s glove.