“Ehd-e-Wafa” Is Glorifying Animal Brutality In Its Episode 4 & It’s So Not OKAY!!!


Ehd-e-Wafa is the talk of the town ever since the news of its making was affirmed. It is not very often that we see a serial backed by ISPR. Some even anticipated that it might be a sequel to iconic drama “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie” aired in ’90s.

However 4 episodes in, we are now sure that it is a whole new script. Amidst all the usual saas-bahu fiascos, ehd-e-wafa is like a breath of fresh air and has our Sundays all sorted out.

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The recent episode aired on Sunday instilled some seriousness in the show, unlike its previous lighthearted comic aura. The inseparable friends were blown away over a feud and three of them were pulled out of their college.

However, The SSG breakup was not the only unpleasant thing that day.

The episode had a pretty distasteful scene when Shahzain, played by Osman Khalid Butt, shot his horse. His horse couldn’t win a race, he lost his mind completely over the defeat.

He then ordered the horse to be blindfolded and pulled the trigger right at its head. That too without a disclaimer saying ‘No Animals Were Harmed During The Scene’!

Even though the actual act was not directly shown, it still imparted disturbing feelings amongst the viewers.

Fans are totally astounded.

People also pointed out that the scene from ‘Ehd e Wafa’ had more than a passing similarity to a scene from Peaky Blinders.

People have also flooded that actor’s Instagram account with lots of questions to which he justified that it was merely the demand of the character.

Some even accused him of promoting animal abuse.

We understand that a few elements are the demand of the script and for character development. However, we expect to see that such sensitive issues are handled with sensitivity, especially when it is coming from such credible and loved production companies. A disclaimer would have been a good idea to start with.


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