Eid Mubarak Everyone – But Wait, Where Is Our Prime Minister?


It’s the second day of Eid ul Azha. Millions of Muslims worldwide celebrated Eid, the holiest festival in the Islamic calendar. Prayers and greetings were exchanged all around the world. Even non Muslims wished those celebrating the occasion.

All around the world, Chief Executives of the Muslim countries make their presence on the special Muslim festivals particularly Eids. This Eid was no different.

Prime Minister and Speaker of Kyrghystan.
Sultanate of Oman







King Mohammed VI of Morocco
Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad







However, our newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan was nowhere to be found.

No Eid Namaz. No Eid Greetings.

Pakistanis are questioning him.

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To which, Imran Khan’s ex-wife replied

This one did a great effort though. He compiled all the praying pictures of Imran Khan and asked..

Meanwhile, some are still defending him saying it’s his personal business.

Some calling it a propaganda against PM.

We believe, as a newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan should have offered his Eid Prayer along with his people as the previous prime ministers did.

What do you think?