Election Countdown: Lets see what our Stars have to say at the last moment!!


We are now just a few hours away from one of the most excited and crucial election in the history of Pakistan. Surely everyone is having many thoughts and questions about what is going to happen tomorrow. Is Pakistan really going to change? Are we heading towards a new beginning? Which political party is going to rule and it goes on. No wonder, tonight is surely going to be a sleepless night.

Like all of us, our stars and showbiz community is equally excited. They all have decided not just to sit back as silent spectators but to play an active role in these elections. Some of them are announcing their support for their favorite parties and candidates while others have important messages to give for the ‘big day’.



Shahid Afridi wished all the best for the country and its people but he decided not to announce whom he is going to vote for. But we all know, dont we? 😉





Not just that, Bilal Khan flew all the way from Toronto to Pakistan to cast his vote. Isn’t that enough to motivate every Pakistani to go out and cast is vote tomorrow? Look what he has to say.











The ever sweet Shaniera Akram, wife of the legend Wasim Akram is an avid supporter of Pakistanis and never fails to win our hearts. Like a true Pakistani, she has called on every citizen to participate in the voting tomorrow.

It’s not about dreaming of a better future anymore, it’s about going out and getting it. Wearing that purple stain as proudly as you would our green & white! No one has the right to own this country more than the people who go out tomorrow & vote for it. It’s our patriotic duty! – Shaniera Akram (@iamShaniera)


Urwa Hussain already believes that these elections are going to be revolutionary for Pakistan and shows her full support for Imran Khan.




The All Rounder – Muhammad Hafeez gave a message too!


Pakistani famed actress and activist is known for being out spoken and vocal on various social issues. She reminds everyone of their responsibility being an honest citizen of Pakistan.

No matter what happens tomorrow, our stars has proved that they are not less patriotic than any one of us. Following their example, lets realize our duty to vote for a Better Pakistan tomorrow. This is the least we can do for our country. May Pakistan prosper!