Extremely Intimate Photos Taken From Safe City Cameras Have Leaked Online And WTF?!


Safe city cameras were installed in the major cities of Pakistan in 2016 to ensure the security and protection of people. However, it has proved quite the opposite.

Instead of ensuring the safety of citizens, the cameras in Lahore have started leaking the private intimate photos of the people.

And we don’t know what to say!

The pictures were circulated all over social media and WhatsAppĀ groups. Some pages claimed that the pictures were leaked by none other than the police department itself.

Social media users are shocked and extremely disgusted over this. They are questioning the breach of the private lives of the citizens.

People are pointing out that the actual use of safe city cameras was to point out dangerous activities, not this crap.

People are blaming the authorities.

While those who have leaked the images should be made answerable to this act, those who are spreading them are equally responsible.

What do you think about this?