Fahad Mustafa Warned Parents Against TikTok & People Can’t Stop Trolling Him!!


Fahad Mustafa has engraved his place in the industry and proved his abilities for quite some years now. His game show “Jeeto Pakistan” made him a megastar and earned him a widespread appreciation from the general public.

The star recently took to Twitter, warning parents against the infamous App TikTok. He told parents to stop letting their children indulging in unhealthy and unproductive usage of the application.

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Despite being entirely right, the statement still seemed pretty ironic. From smashing the faces into cream cakes to frantic dancing, his own game show is chock-full of absurd and futile activities.

Of course, people were quick to notice the paradoxical aspect of the warning and the trolls were immediately unleashed.

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Skipping the irony, the star is right about one thing: applications like TikTok are becoming fatal, if not entirely unproductive. With a group of TikTok stars/ friends losing their lives in an accident while making a TikTok video to a recent demise of a boy in Sialkot, who was shot dead during filming on the application. Obsession with any entity of such a level is lethal for society and becomes a liability in the long run.

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