This Faisal Mover’s Accident Video Shows Why Seat Belts Are Important!


Road safety measures are imminent for ensuring the safety of the travelers and the fact has been stressed upon many times in the past. Especially when it comes to public transports, one just cannot neglect the importance of these measures as so many lives are at stake.

Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked by most of the drivers and passengers resulting in fatal accidents and here is another one to add on the list.

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A recent video shared on social media shows Faisal Movers vehicle meeting a deadly mishap due to the sheer negligence of the driver as well as the passengers.

It is evident from the video that none of the passengers had fastened their seat belts and can be seen sitting casually without any precautions, leading to fatal collisions when the accident happens. Driver, who was wearing the seatbelt seems to be safe and seated, unlike all others who were not wearing it.

SCARY! Ain’t it?

It can also be noticed that there was heavy downpour when the accident occurred and the bus driver was apparently speeding on a wet road. Precautionary measures are strongly recommended when the road is wet and over speeding in such conditions with a heavy vehicle is certainly a folly.

It is critical to guide the drivers as well as the passengers to take discreet measures in order to avoid such calamities in the future. We wish everyone a safe drive!


  1. In these luxury buses there's is no seat belt for passengers only seat belt for driver this is very bad thing in these buses what should passengers do ?


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