Amid Chinese Consulate Attack Faisal Vawda Was Seen Playing Real Life PubG & People Are Like WTF?


Ever since Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf came into power, the party has made sure not to stop amazing and entertaining the people. Pakistanio ko bijli, roti aur nokri milay na milay, Imran Khan ki government mein entertainment full mil rahi hai. Maybe this was the tableedi they always talked about.

It won’t be wrong to say that the present government is full of entertainers in the name of Ministers and Parliamentarians. Fawad Chaudhry, Amir Liaquat, Faisal Vawda, Naeem ul Haq and the list goes on…

It wasn’t long ago Federal Minister Faisal Vawda was found rolling on the streets of DHA, Karachi, in his Harley Davidson Bike backed by 4 police mobiles.

The video and pictures took social media by the storm and people grilled him for being a perfect example of VIP culture in Naya Pakistan. The stance PTI stood up for before it came into power is being crushed by its own Ministers and Parliamentarians.

Once again, Faisal Vawda came out in his ‘commando’ mode on the streets of Karachi. This time it was way more serious and risky. But looks like Mr Vawda was in a mood to play real-life PUBG on the streets of Karachi.

Flaunting his weapon (looks like a 9mm Mauser Gun) and wearing a bulletproof jacket like a commando, Faisal Vawda sahab thinks it’s not the Rangers and Police but him who killed the terrorists. He stole away the limelight LIKE A BOSS!

Pakistanis didn’t take long to respond to this. People are questioning that in what capacity a Federal Minister for Water Resources is doing all this drama?

Haha. Lag he jati toh pata lagta!


Just imagine Faisal Vawda actually firing bullets from his mouth. LOL

Kasam se.

Jo baat hai!

Jahan moka milay shuru hojao bae!

Bas aik heavy bike ki kami thee.